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Accidents & Emergencies

We take every precaution to provide a safe environment for your child. However, accidents do happen. Minor injuries will be taken care of at school and an accident report will be sent home. In the event of a serious injury, parents will be notified immediately and action will be taken if necessary. For this reason, it is extremely important that all of the information on your child’s emergency card is up-to-date at all times.


Lakeview Maria Montessori will not administer any medication to a child. Parents are encouraged to work with physicians to schedule doses of medication that can be given at home for acute illnesses.


Providing good nutrition is a very important part of your child’s physical developmental needs during their preschool years. Special attention will be directed to nutritional needs of the young child, including development of healthy eating habits through provision of a sound nutritional program. This is the time to educate your child in making wise food choices. Your child’s teacher will introduce good nutrition in the classroom, but we will need your support to reinforce these choices. The school will provide nutritious snacks with both half day and full day programs. The school will provide healthy food and we ask that you do as well. If your child is bringing their lunch, we suggest a balanced meal and a minimum of sugar. Please do not send your child to school with gum, candy, or soda. It is very important for you to let us know if your child has any food allergies.


We never outgrow our need for discipline and preschool children seem to require a more consistent effort than children at other times in their lives. We view discipline as a means of helping children learn “appropriate” behavior according to their emotional, intellectual, and physical development. The values that we establish at this age will provide the foundation for future decisions that your child will make. We know the importance of encouraging good behavior and will work with your child to be positive, reasonable, and consistent as we strive to change undesirable behavior and mold character. Discipline is not a punishment; rather it is a tool that can be used to shape desired behavior.Corporal punishment is never an option at Lakeview Maria Montessori Preschool, for any reason. Positive reinforcement, when used effectively, will help children to see the relationship between their behavior and consequences so that they can learn to make good choices and to develop self-control. However, when a child’s behavior is not appropriate (i.e. kicking, biting, taking something from someone else, hitting, inappropriate language, etc.), our staff is trained to handle those situations in such a way that a negative pattern does not continue to develop. Some examples of discipline that are used include: redirecting behavior, talking with the child and explaining how their behavior is affecting the other children, “taking a break” from the formal classroom routine, and working with the parents so that they can help be a part of the discipline process to reinforce the behaviors that we expect to see at school, be reinforced at home as well. In all that we do, our desire is to help instill healthy values in the children. When positive reinforcement is a constant practice, most negative situations can be avoided. We are concerned with discipline as we work with your child to develop the strong extension of the home. We are here to serve you as you train and build character in your child.

As required by the State of Louisiana, the Director or any other staff member is mandated to report to Children’s Protective Services any suspicion of child abuse.