Dress Code

Dress is left up to the discretion of the parent. However, being as school is a place for exploring and learning about many things, we suggest that you dress your child in clothing that is suitable for school. Suitable clothing consists of play clothes that promote freedom of movement and freedom from worry about spills, splatters, and dirt. Some of the projects that your child will be doing can and will get quite messy at times. Clothing should also be simple enough for your child to get in and out of easily, with little or no help. Belts are discouraged because they can hinder your child’s ability to use the bathroom quickly and can lead to embarrassing accidents. Clothing with fasteners that children can handle themselves builds confidence. Thong sandals can be dangerous and are unsuitable for school. Each child is required to have an extra set of clothes in his/her cubby at all times. These extra clothes should be sent to school in a large zip-loc bag that is clearly labeled, and should include a complete change of clothes. In the event that these extra clothes are used, please replace them the following day. We don’t generally have extra clothes to share at school.
  • Think of your child’s comfort and provide simple clothing that is free of complications.
  • Think messy art projects and other messy activities and provide clothing that is washable.
  • Think of our playground and provide clothing and shoes that are comfortable and sturdy.
  • Think of changeable weather and dress your child accordingly.