Admission Agreement

  1. Documented days and times that the child is to be enrolled in school.
  2. Each  child will have a snack day. On your child's snack day, you will bring an item from the four basic food groups to share with the class. Such a snack shall also be furnished for children who stay for the full day program.
  3. The child shall be given assistance with personal care when needed.
  4. Children who stay beyond the A.M. program will be given the opportunity to rest on a mat provided by the parent. The child needs to bring his/her own crib sized sheet and blanket from home for resting.
  5. The child shall be involved in a Montessori program and religious instruction.
  6. The school shall assume responsibility for the child once he/she has been signed in by the parent and deemed healthy.
  7. The child shall be administered physician prescribed medicine only with the written authorization of that child’s physician.
  8. The school shall give appropriate first aid to an injured child.
  9. An ill child shall be isolated and given the appropriate care until they are picked up by their parent, guardian or designated provider.
  10. The school shall notify the child’s parents or guardians of a suspected exposure to a communicable disease.
  11. The school shall make every reasonable effort to safeguard personal belongings brought by the child, but shall not be responsible for lost or broken items.
  12. The Director or other staff member shall report to the Children’s Protective Services any suspicion of child abuse, sexual or otherwise, neglect, or endangerment of which they may become aware.